Multidimensional LOVE. Intentional Communities of LOVE and Energetic Healing

A new way of living and loving,

caring and supporting,

creating and growing.

Short summary:

This is a vision of a small, cosy community forming a LOVE relationship network. It is based on trust, honest communication and an abundance of LOVE. Members intuitively support each other’s spiritual and emotional growth, facing challenges and being creative together. The energetic healing power of LOVE is shared with guests in a safe space.

This book is being created as the vision and blueprint project develops. If you would like to be a part of this journey, please contact me.

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With this book, I show myself fully vulnerable. Anyone could explore this vision, and those who live in fear or come from the ego might fall deep down if they tried. So, I strongly advise you not to do any of this if you are not really ready. You are playing with powerful dynamics of LOVE that you need to learn how to balance and ground in the safest and most healing way.

I am writing this book because I trust in LOVE and I trust in the great potential of the awakened heart centre in every soul. If you don’t live in your heart most of the time, you may be wasting your time reading this book. You may even hurt yourself emotionally by trying to experience ideas that may not be suitable for you yet.

There is a certain amount of mental, emotional and energetic inner understanding, preparation and integration required to begin an experiment such as this adventurous vision of LOVE offers. If you are not sensitive enough to the emotions of others, you may fail. If you have unresolved anger issues, addictions, fears, or if the feeling of jealousy eats you alive and you cannot handle it even in a shared sacred space filled with empathy and trust, you may fail. If you cannot accept the wishes, given permissions or boundaries of another soul, you may also fail.

In the beginning there is the idea and the vision. From this, the blueprint is shaped. Slowly, step by step, the reality is created, the surrounding universe and collective is transformed. Every obstacle becomes an opportunity for more inner work until the vision becomes stable.

This vision comes from my deepest inner heart

To fully understand the concept of intentional communities of LOVE and energetic healing, I suggest the following reading list:

Imagine a small patchwork family of LOVE,

a network of relationships living together in loving trust and honesty. Each of the perhaps only three or four members of the community work to balance, encourage and support each other to reach high potentials of growth and healing together.

Instead of blame, criticism or unkind words, instead of unspoken issues, simmering anger or secrecy, there is constant loving, honest communication with each other. All perspectives are seen and heard, appreciated and valued.

When emotions such as anger arise, they are channelled in an unharming way or even used constructively. Instead of following the old mind traps of possessiveness, jealousy or envy, each community member strives to live in a constant state of LOVE abundance, high frequency and emotional balance.

Instead of closing there is opening. Instead of separation, there is the feeling of Oneness. Instead of boundaries, there are permissions. Instead of denial or shame, there is holding hands, hugging and cuddling, perhaps appreciated arousal. Instead of old school sex reduced to one partner, the community members live and enjoy sacred sensuality in a way that makes them feel free, yet as stable and safe as possible. There can be fully dedicated relationships, Moon Love relationships (*), unlabelled relationships, allowed flirtations and divine friendships all happening at the same time.

When everyone feels safe, there can be a constant opening of the heart, step by step, further and further. Closing down becomes unnecessary when we give each other time and space to process, alone or in an atmosphere of sharing with someone else or with all.

From all of this, as each soul bathes in this highly energetic bubble of LOVE, great powers of healing, growth and creativity can emerge.

What if all this LOVE, growth and energetic healing potential were shared by example with volunteers, retreat guests and one-day visitors? There would be no need or potential danger of overly sensual offerings to any visitor if the clear boundaries of the High Priestesses of Sanuela (*2) were kept in the heart. Would every member and guest be able to learn and grow from their time together?

Some natural human issues such as greed, possessiveness or lust could easily ruin the experiment. Therefore, the greatest loving care and support is needed from all involved.

All community members need to support each other in staying in high frequencies, high ethics and best loving honesty with each other.

The LOVE family is guided by their values and visions, intuitive insights, personal spirit guides, inner connectedness, gut feelings and their deepest inner heart. They share their feelings and thoughts honestly and openly with each other, helping and supporting each other in their lives.

Does it all sound too sweet or too idealistic?

Perhaps. Is the combination difficult to manage and balance, as it involves sensuality and multiple complex relationship dynamics? Maybe.

But what if the vision is clear and full of LOVE, and we can make a majority of it come true? Would something good come out of it? Let’s take a closer look at how this can work.

We are multidimensional humans, slowly coming of age through the shift of Gaia’s consciousness. Let’s allow ourselves to live a multidimensional LOVE.

(*) Moon Love refers to a special type of relationship characterised by unconditional LOVE and deep connection. Once per lunar cycle, on a day of their choosing, the otherwise divine friends celebrate a sacred sensual LOVE ceremony. At other times, they establish personal permissions, such as holding hands and extended hugs, that allow for the exploration and exchange of deep LOVE within set boundaries.

See: Human Connection, Unconditional Love, New Relationships, and Sacred Sensuality in the World of Sanuela

(*2) See: Ayana, My Light and My Love

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New Ways of Living and Loving

When studies show that some 33 percent of people worldwide feel lonely, causing distress, discomfort and many health problems, there must be something wrong with the way we live and LOVE.

And for those who do not feel lonely, are they happy, free and thriving? Or are many just busy, distracted or drugged so they don’t feel how they really feel?

Most humans believe in a concept where we need to form matching pairs in order to feel safe and free enough to exchange loving closeness. We don’t usually allow ourselves to be touched in a caring, healing way in other constellations. To a large extent we close ourselves off from this most powerful of human healing abilities.

The majority of closed, monogamous relationships end in separation, often causing pain and trauma. Personally, I have never been able to get past the seven-year gate of Saturn’s return, no matter how hard I tried. But even those who are lucky enough to keep a partner for longer often experience loneliness within the relationship, when the patterns and comfort zones make things too programmed, too dry or too boring.

Many open relationships also don’t work well for many years, whether for unresolved reasons of jealousy, a lack of loving, honest communication or neglect.

What happens when we don’t focus only on the bond between two loving souls, but see ourselves in a stable network of LOVE relationships? When each soul shares closeness with two or more trusted souls, there is an abundance of LOVE for everyone, keeping us at the highest possible energetic frequency most of the time, giving us health, balance and nurturing, allowing us to express our LOVE honestly and fully.

A small, cosy community of three or four souls seems to be the ideal nurturing ground for building a LOVE relationship network. When we live and LOVE together, we maintain a high level of honest, loving communication. We check in with each other about our fears, our doubts or any disturbing emotional turmoil.

We sit and share, holding hands, talking freely and honestly about what we feel, what we want to change or improve, our wants and needs, our gifts and offerings.

Instead of having just one close soul by our side, we have one or two more. If they are as good and open in their communication as we hopefully are, they can support and balance us or show other perspectives. And we do the same for them, wanting our LOVE family to stay healthy, stable and grounded, while keeping the high frequencies flowing with life.

New Ways of Caring and Supporting

When the caring touch of a loving hand is such a deeply healing experience, then we should allow ourselves to have it more often. We can hug, hold hands, cuddle and caress, we can enjoy and share, if only we would let go of our self-created restrictions on when and with whom these energetic and emotional healing experiences are appropriate.

In Ayana, My Light and My Love I share some stories about the daily life of a High Priestess in a fantasy world filled with much more LOVE than ours. While intuitively writing, I was inwardly asked to clearly define the permissions and boundaries that these loving souls of high energetic frequencies hold space for, so that their guests can experience the healing powers of LOVE in a safe and grounded way. The High Priestesses and Priests of Sanuela may listen to wishes, but they will always choose freely the way they want to connect with someone.

Imagine a community of LOVE and energetic healing where guests can visit and experience holding hands and hugs to connect and recharge.

The best thing about hugging is that both partners are always receiving, while the astral bodies and chakras are quietly and automatically exchanging and balancing the subtle energies. This is why a loving hug can feel so incredibly comfortable and healing to us.

Some may begin to cry, releasing their stuck emotions and bringing their energies back into a healthier flow. Some may learn to trust themselves and trust in LOVE and how to talk openly and honestly about their feelings and fears. Some may seek forgiveness and will be forgiven without words, simply by being held close.

Should community members charge money for this kind of energetic healing? I don’t think so, although a conscious contribution as a donation could work well. But there could also be another kind of loving exchange. Guests could bring or prepare food, or they could offer some volunteer help, perhaps with special skills that the community members lack. Or they may offer to do things that the others don’t have time for.

When everyone supports each other in LOVE, everyone wins, stays mentally and emotionally healthy and feels an integral part of something greater.

New Ways of Creating and Growing

No matter what kind of work or creative hobby I had in any phase of my life, I always enjoyed sharing it with my LOVE partner at that time. This made me feel valued, what I was doing was appreciated, and I gained many new insights and creative inputs. Often a different perspective on things was needed to point me in the right direction to move forward, be it in my creative work or in my personal growth processes.

Imagine a LOVE family where you have two or three of these creative supporters, each showing you different aspects and perspectives that you would not be able to come up with on your own. At the same time you support your loved ones in their work and doings, helping them to become their greatest version of themselves. What could be more beautiful and fulfilling than creating, sharing and growing together?

As there is a receiving in every giving, everyone wins and everyone grows. The more we are able to connect with our hearts through the help of others, the more we will feel inner guidance. As the LOVE family learns to tune into the magic of inner connectedness and stay in high energetic frequencies, synchronocities and inner callings may become more likely.

Imagine the rapid growth potential that this highly charged living, loving, caring and supporting can offer you on your path, whether it be creatively, emotionally or spiritually.

Shared Creativity

What happens when an intentional community of LOVE and energetic healing taps into its creative powers? The individual souls or the whole family of LOVE together are likely to create something very, very beautiful!

Think of paintings and drawings, poems and stories, videos and digital novels, animation clips, new and exciting music, sound and voice experiences, … all filled with the healing power of LOVE.

Learning By Doing

My intuitive writing and inner guidance has taken me a long way in exploring new concepts of healing and LOVE. Although some ideas may sound new and different, they feel ancient to me, as if I have already lived them in another time. But then there are what I call memories of the future, and as our concept of time and space only exists to help us better navigate the lower realms, it doesn’t really matter in the end.

What is needed is that this way of living and loving, healing and growing together does not remain a theory, but that many can and will experience it. In order to write more about some of the themes and challenges involved, I need to live it myself.

If at the time you are reading this I am not currently living in an intentional community of LOVE and energetic healing and you feel a calling to connect with me, then you may want to follow this. Perhaps we have a story together, maybe some good sharing time, or we might even be bound to live together, who knows?

If you would like to be a part of this journey, please contact me.

Some Poems from “Allowing LOVE”

Poems about LOVE abundance, kundalini, holy trinity, freedom, awakening, sacred sensuality, consciousness, Maria Magdalena, Yin & Yang, and more.

This book is still a work in progress and will grow over the coming weeks and months. The Kindle version will be updated regularly.

Please continue to open your heart!

Shared LOVE

Some kind of LOVE needs to be found between all the members, because trust alone may not be enough to keep the community stable and safe. There can be various forms of relationships, as described in some of my books, but there can also be True Friendships (based on True LOVE) that allow you to connect with your hands to feel the trust of the other, rather than expecting or hoping for it.

LOVE can be felt in many ways and each two souls can find their individual best match of LOVE language. One prefers this, the other that, let’s see what is possible and wanted together. Two people can embrace for a long time and feel each other very intensely, very energetically, maybe even arousing at times, and it might be okay and good to experience this with each other instead of holding it back because of the mental training and conditioning we received before.

Others can share simple energetic healing meditations together, one hand on the heart chakra and the other on the belly. Combined with heart chakra breathing and a chosen intention, this can be a wonderful regular experience together.

Some can cuddle. Some might massage. Some hold hands, some caress, some shower together. Some practice loving and sensual shibari. Some excite and arouse each other. Some bring each other to orgasm.

Boundaries can be clearly expressed, and they need to be in line with each other’s values and the wishes of the other members, so that no one gets emotionally hurt.

As important as boundaries are permissions. Why not let each soul decide and clarify with loved ones what we allow to be experienced with whom? By sharing our daily permissions openly with others, we can ensure that no one is hurt or feels left out.

Shared Values

When you live, LOVE, care, support, create and grow together, you will need some shared values. You can sit together and draw mind maps on large sheets of paper. Find out where your values overlap and connect.

Or be inspired by these:

Twelve Facets of Ascension

(Excerpt from: Ayana’s Golden Doors, as of March 2024 yet to be published.)

Ayana wrote down and followed what Ignisia and Rhadasan had shown her.

1. Be in Your Heart, Always: Open up more and more and more. Speak and be honest and grateful.

2. Clean Food Intake: Eat and drink wholy, fresh, green and colourful. Enjoy sweetness as fresh fruit, and flours whole. Avoid wheat and harmful substances.

3. Clean Emotional Intake: Avoid people, places, and information that are harmful for your emotional body. Do not follow fear. Reduce distractions. Be in your heart at all times.

4. LOVE Yourself: Show yourself again and again how much you LOVE yourself. Find gratitude for yourself, with all your shadows. Pleasure yourself with deep LOVE.

5. LOVE Others: Breathe through your heart, be kind and helpful, hug, feel, and touch. Practise loving, honest communication. Enjoy sacred sensuality.

6. Feel the Energies: Become sensitive to your astral energies, work intuitively with them. Feel, when your body needs your hands somewhere. Feel and move the energies with your heart centre breathing.

7. Walk Through Your Fears: Find them one by one, feel them, and then let them go.

8. Daily Forgiveness: Forgive everything you have done and what others have done.

9. Follow Your Intuition: Feel your heart centre and learn to trust and follow, always. Everything you need on your path will be given to you.

10. Connect With Your Spirit Guides: When you need help, they are always with you. Connect with them, LOVE them, unite with them.

11. Connect With the Mother Goddess: Who created you? Who gave you all that you have and everything that you are? Connect with her (*), and learn to LOVE deeply.

(*) In our world: Gaia, Pachamama, Mother Earth

12. Releasing: Find or create regular ceremonies or experiences to release what burdens you. Ultimately, you have to let go of whatever you think you are or have experienced. All roots must be liberated before you can become a goddess or god, fully aware of your creative powers and your eternal LOVE.

More chapters of the book and project Multidimensional LOVE. Intentional Communities of LOVE and Energetic Healing are being written, maybe this very moment :-)