Who is Nils?

In numerology, I am the three and the nine. I am Gaia-human, angelic human and star-traveler, disciple of Yogananda and Babaji. My intuitive writing over the last few years has led me to many new perspectives and insights, inner healing and more love.

My books are a blend of personal experiences, my questions arising from them, and the answers of my spirit guides to them.

What I find worth sharing I publish, in my books, on several blog sites (see below), on YouTube or Telegram. This website summarizes my projects and my work.

DaNaNĂ­ / Nils

My books

Creative Commons Lizenz: CC BY-ND 4.0

This book will be available in English soon: Multidimensional – Our Path to a New World.

All other books are in German so far, to be translated into English.

Angelic-Humans.org (AH.O)

Some souls are not from Gaia, they come from the angelic realm or from other multidimensional galaxies. In order to be able to incarnate in a body, they have “condensed down”.

With this project I would like to bring especially angelic humans and all with inner angel parts into their light and power. It is a good time. We will now find each other and exchange. We are needed now.

Here, you find all information about angelic humans.

The energy and healing technique Healer & Creator, which originates from ancient Atlantis times, came to me one morning as an intuitive inspiration. For many years I used it for myself in self-testing. In 2019, the time had come to share.

This exercise, which is energetically immediately perceptible to sensitive people, continues to grow; there are dozens of additional applications that I share in my books, H&C blog articles, or online workshops. H&C is the only exercise I do myself every day.

Download my free book You Are Healer and Creator or watch the H&C Energy Flow Exercise on YouTube.

Sensual Energetic Healing (SEH)

SEH is more than an embrace and more than a meditation. Our astral bodies unite, exchange. Our chakras harmonize as we both breathe through our heart chakras.

In my SEH blog I write about love and touch, heart chakra breathing, yin & yang and much more. On YouTube you can listen to my book Hooray, I am Human! as a free audiobook.

Guided Imageries

Some years ago, I published over 80 guided meditations in the form of hypnotic meditation journeys. Most of them run as audio files for half an hour and bring us more self-worth, more success and more serenity.

21 Life Values

Because the 21 life values are based on the properties of our seven main chakras, when we actively experience and live them out, we automatically strengthen and harmonize our astral energy centers as well.

With the 21 life values we can turn to the (inner) light like a flower, heal internally and grow further and further.

On my website 22colors.de I write blog articles and present some other (currently dormant) creative projects such as my animation films or game ideas.


In my YouTube channel I read my book Hooray, I am Human! If you know German, you can also find my intermittent podcast, there are Zoom conversations, reflections and all kinds of exercises, meditations and inspirations.