in numerology, I am the three and the nine. I am Gaia-human, angelic human and star-traveler, disciple of Yogananda and Babaji. My intuitive writing over the last few years has led me to many new perspectives and insights, inner healing and more love.

My books are a blend of personal experiences, my questions arising from them, and the answers of my spirit guides to them.

What I find worth sharing I publish, in my books, on several blog sites (see below), on YouTube or Telegram. This website summarises my projects and my work.


My books

Creative Commons Lizenz: CC BY-ND 4.0

All other books are in German so far, to be translated into English.

Imagine someone cares for you

while guiding you into blissful sleep,

weaving the dream images you loveā€¦

Go to Dreamweaverangels.com

The Multidimensional Oracle of Sanuela uses three different coloured dice to offer daily guidance on your physical, emotional, and spiritual journey.

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Sensual Energetic Healing (SEH)

SEH is more than an embrace and more than a meditation. Our astral bodies unite, exchange. Our chakras harmonize as we both breathe through our heart chakras.

In my SEH blog I write about love and touch, heart chakra breathing, yin & yang and much more. On YouTube you can listen to my book Hooray, I am Human! as a free audiobook.

The energy and healing technique Healer & Creator, which originates from ancient Atlantis times, came to me one morning as an intuitive inspiration. For many years I used it for myself in self-testing. In 2019, the time had come to share.

This exercise, which is energetically immediately perceptible to sensitive people, continues to grow; there are dozens of additional applications that I share in my books, H&C blog articles, or online workshops. H&C is the only exercise I do myself every day.

Download my free book You Are Healer and Creator or watch the H&C Energy Flow Exercise on YouTube.

Angelic-Humans.org (AH.O)

Some souls are not from Gaia, they come from the angelic realm or from other multidimensional galaxies. In order to be able to incarnate in a body, they have “condensed down”.

With this project I would like to bring especially angelic humans and all with inner angel parts into their light and power. It is a good time. We will now find each other and exchange. We are needed now.

Here, you find all information about angelic humans.

Guided Imageries

Some years ago, I published over 80 guided meditations in the form of hypnotic meditation journeys. Most of them run as audio files for half an hour and bring us more self-worth, more success and more serenity.

21 Life Values

Because the 21 life values are based on the properties of our seven main chakras, when we actively experience and live them out, we automatically strengthen and harmonize our astral energy centers as well.

With the 21 life values we can turn to the (inner) light like a flower, heal internally and grow further and further.

On my website 22colors.de I write blog articles and present some other (currently dormant) creative projects such as my animation films or game ideas.


In my YouTube channel I read my book Hooray, I am Human! If you know German, you can also find my intermittent podcast, there are Zoom conversations, reflections and all kinds of exercises, meditations and inspirations.

“Spiritual” Disneyland

Come On In! Have a Look!
A World of Wonder and Money
Of Shining Glitter and
Seemingly Fulfilling Adventures
For Soothing Wellness and Positive Spirit.

Easing the ego, shutting down communication
Remedying growth pain, turning off symptoms
Banishing true love and emotional shadow work
Following the fleeting easy joys
Embracing the false light.

The shamans look ashamed
Questioning the forgotten depths
As the angels become entangled
Losing their divine purity
In the promised illusions.

As we move into the new era
Of unconditional LOVE and togetherness
Who truly thinks of Her
Our Mother Goddess Gaia
Who has lent us
This multidimensional experience.

Connecting with those who love
Enduring our inner battles
Trusting and following our path
Against all lurking envy and closed views
Misinterpretations, judgements
and instrumental ignorance.

Thank you, “spiritual” Disneyland
For showing us to look deeper
For finding amazing beauty
In the simple and the ordinary
Not in those who carry the title.

Thank you for making us search
For the inner value of unconditional love
Rising from the deepest centre
Vibrating from every cell
Honouring Gaia with every breath
Crying for the joys and the pains.

Behold and Sense the Love
The Holographic Interconnectedness
The Sacred Ceremony of Life
The Grand Brahman
The Greater You
The Greater We.

Freeing Yourself

Entangled in the world’s illusions
Following the false light
Long have we waited
Now it is time.

Free yourself by just being you
No matter what others think and talk
Dare to live your innermost truth
Dare to live what feels real to you.

Free yourself by exploring
Your likes and dislikes
Your openness, your pleasures
Trust in yourself and trust in love.

Let go and release
Breathe freely
Vibrate freely
Rejoice freely
Love freely.

Make a promise
Just be yourself
For the best of all
Free, free, free.

Trusting the Yang

Much inner work still unfolding
Forgiveness is calling from both sides
Never trust a man, the women sigh
Even if only whispered behind a hidden veil.

From millennia of imbalance, our history speaks
Echoes of a mirrored past from eons before
As seers whisper to ears turned away
Only now we can find unity, where once was divide.

Women of these days are finding hope together
Men, in their confusion, seek the missing balance
In mutual appreciation, we find our harmony unowned
Embracing love’s free dance, united and whole.


Balanced Unity

Nothing good ever comes of it
When men belittle women, when women judge men,
Forcing the other into unperceived shadows
To what each blindly feels is right.

Nothing good ever comes of it
When our voices are withheld
When there is no honest, open dialogue
No way to find balance and harmony.

Much to learn from both sides
Let’s talk, share and love together
Embracing this New World
Bathing in the longing for balanced unity.

The Loving Three

There’s the One. There’s the Other.
There’s the Love holding them Together.
In Loving Three we are United, Whole and One.

Duality is a concept of the mind that promotes imbalance and opposing forces.

I live in a universe of Three. Everything in my life becomes Three if I look for it.

This is a choice we can make.

We Are Saviours

Thank you, Goddess Gaia
For granting us an entire universe
Ours to explore and love.

We heal, we grow
We walk through our shadows
Our cravings and our fears.

Then comes the greatest fear
Our highest light and deepest love
Knocks on the door and calls our name.

Who is the saviour?
It’s you, you, you alone.
Trust and follow the process.

You will rise and become whole
Your universe will be free
When you yourself are free.

Dance of Liberation

One enlightenment follows another
Guiding us in our natural direction
Each step a journey deeper within.

Some pause along the way
Enjoying the lofty heights
Looking down upon their followers.

From the shadows of their egos
They say there is hope for us
We can become as great as them
If we have money to pay.

Under their ‘enlightened’ gaze
We listen to honeyed words of love
Coming from inside the cage.

You are neither less nor better
Find your divine purity
Your heart knows the way.

In the dance of liberation
Self-steering becomes our duty
Embracing our vulnerability
Our strength quietly unfolds.

Let’s continue on this path
Don’t stop after one enlightenment
Walk on and watch your pride.

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