We (fruit) fast once per week together,

support and motivate one another

and share our emotions and experiences.

Until recently, I had never fasted a single day in my life. Even fruit fasting was a challenge to me!

Then, during an intuitively guided and lovingly supported nine-day journey of initiation, I became a breatharian. Now, I eat when I feel like it, but I feel free from the deeply engraved food addiction. My body receives enough energy even when I don’t eat.

During my extended breatharian phase, I enjoyed one meal a week, sometimes a vegetable juice, and a tasty bite here and there, just for pleasure.

It feels wonderful to be free.

To gain a different perspective on food and break out of entrenched routines, fasting one day per week can be an enriching experience. This is also very healthy for your body.

If full-on fasting is too much of a challenge for you at the moment, try some fruit fasting instead.

To make it easier for others, I started a Telegram group to support and motivate one another and share our emotions and experiences while we inspire one another to (fruit) fast every Friday.

You can also join if you prefer another weekday, there might be others in the group. Just know, you are not alone!

Fasting instead of indulging in food and spiritual wellness activities?

Sounds too far out of the comfort zone? Give it a try, it’s not that difficult, once you break through the first entrenched habits.

I went from having never fasted a single day in my life to breatharian within just a few weeks… It all began with one day of fruit fasting per week.

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