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About me

Born as the youngest in a family of psychologists and pedagogues, I strongly felt drawn to the more unconventional paths of learning and discovering my abilities, gifts, and passions. I quit the school system early and preferred to spend three years in the Ananda Assisi community, initiated as a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda (“Autobio­graphy of a Yogi”) by a direct disciple, Swami Kriyananda.

After three years of community, meditation time and inner development, I followed love and adventure, and was drawn into the maelstrom of the “modern” world. I learned how to drink and party, how to become addicted to an unhealthy lifestyle, and how to become either burned out or depressed as a result. In some long relationships, I loved my partners, endured both love and suffering; experienced all which life had to offer.

I experienced business life in its various phases – ups and downs, different directions and goals – designing advertisements, logos, or websites, bringing people together, making professional videos. I also studied and practised hypnotherapy and relaxation therapy practices, producing my own library of guided imagery and audio medi­tations; more than 80 titles are available in German.

On the beautiful island of Tenerife, I re-connected with my spiritual needs.

While programming apps for meditation and relaxation, I consulted various shamanic guides, participated in ceremonies with and without traditional shamanic plant medicine, engaged in cleansing and transformational rituals, and atten­ded many retreats in complete darkness.

Right at the start of The Big Change in 2020, I was contacted by my spirit guides. They knocked three times at my door, quite literally: I found small pieces of wood on three successive days in my food, and wondered how to interpret that, if this was all a half-awakened dream universe.

I found out I’m not alone. I can communicate and, more importantly, love my spirit guides. They are part of me and I feel one with them. Just like me, you also have at least two spirit guides. Until now, my guides have never given me wrong infor­mation. We trust each other and love each other.

As for my daily life, I strive to live a fairly regular life – writing a lot. I also enjoy the wonderful nature of Tenerife. A few years ago, I was gifted a sailing licence course and I adore taking pictures, meaningful conversations, creating art… But yes, my writing takes up a lot of time.

I learnt and evolved through my intuitive writing. I ask questions and receive answers that surprise me again and again, even though I know the answers are coming from the same central well of cosmic knowledge that I feel within myself. So, writing often feels like remembering to me.

I experienced and wrote about chakra healing, kundalini, astral energies, other-dimensional expe­riences, shamanic ceremonies, conscious and sacred sensuality, and how to work through the inner processes on the spiritual path; such as fears, emotional pains, or guilt.

For myself, I found that there is one formula that surpasses all: LOVE. When love is present, then multidimensional healing and growth follow.

Most of my books are currently available in German language (as of 2023).

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