Intentional Community Survey

Answering the following questions will give you a better understanding and more clarity about your preferences.

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1. Space Sharing

1.1 Living Space: What would you prefer?

1.2 Location: What would you prefer?

1.3 Add-Ons: Apart from a shared kitchen and living room, what other areas would be important for you to have and share?

2. Money Sharing

2.1 Affordability: How much would you be willing to pay for accommodation?

2.2 Income Sharing: Would you be open to income sharing as a means of collectively supporting the financial needs and possibilities of the community? Please suggest a value between zero and 100 per cent (everyone would have to agree on the same value).

2.3 Shared Work: Are you interested in setting up community income sources where everyone contributes either time and/or money to set up and maintain them together? If yes, what could you commit to?

3. Decision Sharing

How do you want to make decisions that affect everyone in the community? If you feel it depends on the topic, you can give more than one answer.

4. Responsibility Sharing

Which types of responsibilities would you be willing to share within the community? (Select all that apply)

5. Communication and Conflict Resolution

How would you approach resolving conflicts with other community members?

6. Relationships

Would you feel comfortable living in a community that builds a network of love relationships instead of the traditional system of closed couple relationships? What is your approach or vision, what are your ideas and perhaps your fears?

7. Specific Needs or Wishes

What else would you like to have or share in the intentional community?